2nd phase building development plans

The second phase plan consists of:

  • The creation of a secure gated side compound on the right side of the building for our trailer, including installation of secure and safety lighting.

  • Landscape changes to the frontage of the building to open access for further parking to leaders, reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

  • The creation of a new fire exit on the left side of the building that is adequate for DDA users, including the installation of sensor lights for safe passage.

  • The installation of solar panels on the scout hut roof to promote environmental and sustainable values that are in part the ethos of the scouting organisation movement.

Photos from april 2021

We have put together some photos below of the modernisation changes, that have taken place at the scout hut over the last few months.

We are continuing our work to modernise the HQ and will share more photos soon. In-line with COVID-19 regulations and safe working practices.